Distance Learning Course:

A 10 week training course to become a Family Computer Literacy Instructor at CCTV

Welcome. This site is a source for members of Cambridge Community Television(CCTV) that want to get involved with computer literacy programs for adults. CCTV is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and offers free or low priced technology classes and access to Cambridge residents.

This site will offer resources for computer literacy specialists that want to train others to become computer literacy instructions at CCTC Family Computer Literacy Program.

The Family Computer Literacy Program is part of CCTV's community Technology programs. It's a 12 week free class that teaches Cambridge adults and parents how to become computer literate. Instructors teach on a volunteer basis in the evenings, usually at around 6pm, once a week, for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Interested in volunteering? Click Here.