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Setting up an Email Account using Yahoo email

We all know that having an email account is fun and a liberating way to contact friends, family and colleagues. Now you will teach your students to join in the fun.

Of all the skills you will teach your students, teaching students how to create and use email will most likely be a most challenging endeavor. The concept of email is extremely abstract for those who have never made use of it.

One of the best ways you can teach email application is using the analogy of the having your own mailbox account at the U.S. Post Office or Mailboxes etc.

  • The mail server is like the building that houses the physical mailboxes, the people who work there, etc. In order to get a mailbox, you have to show proper I.D. and get a key. An I.D. is the name on your drivers license and social security card.
  • A physical I.D. is the same as a username. In order to get to the mail box, the customer needs a key or a combination to a dial lock. A key or a combination is the same as a password that Yahoo requests from the person creating the email account.
  • The mail account is the same as an email account. Mailboxes receive all types of mail. However, there is a capacity to how much you can receive, depending how big the physical mailbox is that you rent. Same with an email account mailbox.
  • Explain that the to: field must have a proper email address just like a physical envelope must have an address to make it's destination.
  • Explain the a subject: field is the same as perhaps when you get a memo or a note and someone puts a 'heading' on it to indicate that the message is about.
  • Explain that the send button is like dropping the physical envelope into the blue postal mail boxes.
  • Explain that the inbox link is how you get into your email account to see the messages you have received.

Analogies are important in explaining email. Be sure that you create specific handouts that thoroughly explain how to create an email account and how to send basic messages.


Have students send each other email messages for the remainder of your class. Get them used to using email, immediately. Make sure they understand what they're doing by having them all email you an email message with something in their subject heading.

Sending Attachments

Explaining to students what attachments are is tricky. They'll ask you why they just can't send a regular email message. Use analogies.

  • Say they want to send their parent's a picture of themselves, via postal mail. How would they do it? They would send the pictures in and envelope with a letter/message inside. The picture is the attachment. The written letter is the email message. The envelope is the email.
  • Another example is sending an audio tape in the mail. You want to put the tape into the envelope along with a message so the recipient knows why they are getting the audio tape. Explain to students that with email, you can send songs as attachments to the email messages they are writing.
  • Here is a reference that is useful. Sending Attachments.