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Articles and Websites


This page has links to many interesting article and related websites. Computer Literacy in ABE is not just about teaching computer technology. ABE is all about Education. Education encompasses gender, race, ethnicity, economic status and disability. When CCTV Computer Literacy trainers embark on teaching in the FCLP, they should have an understanding of these dimensions. Below are article links and websites that have wonderful resources that address all these 'facets' of education



Gender & Diversities Institute

The EDC's Gender and Diversities Institute is a global forum for leveraging the power of diversity to improve education and work. The Institute's research and programs use the lens of gender and its intersections with race, ethnicity, economic status, disability, and sexual orientation to deepen out understanding of critical social problems and to create effective solutions.

Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

This site offers computer literacy courses, online, for people who want to learn the most basic computer literacy skills. It is also available in Spanish. It also offers an example of creating an 'on-line' course for people who want to become computer literate.

Computer Literacy Press

Computer Literacy Press description: textbooks and training manuals for computer
applications, computer literacy, business education, curriculum integration, etc.

World Computer Literacy Day

This site is dedicated to eradicating computer literacy thorough the world.


CLIC collaborates with Boston area non-profit organizations to assess their technological capabilities, identify goals and develop strategies to meet determined needs. CLIC uses the assessments to link agencies and their clients to resources that will promote computer literacy. These resources may include software and hardware acquisition, computer setup and configuration, training and Internet consultation.

Teach IS: Resources for Informing Systems Education

This site supports the study of Education and Training for the Informing Sciences globally (around the world and throughout organizations). It provides on-line resources for those interested in advancing the interests of IS education. It is free to you, supported in part through grants and advertising income.

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