The deadline for the CFP is now closed. However, if you are curious about what the anthology will entail, see below at the CFP to give you a taste of content of the Anthology:
Sistah Vegan! Food, Health, Identity, and Society 


The Book

This is an anthology of Black identified females/females of the African Diaspora who practice Veganism. I will include visual artwork, poetry, photography, personal narratives, creative stories and critical essays about reflections on veganism. 
I have received many wonderful poems and narrative pieces. Many of the sistah vegans reflect on how veganism has helped them transition into a healthier lifestyle. Wonderful stories recount how many ladies were able to resist diabetes, hypertension, obesity that had plagued their families. 
This anthology will be divided into these sections (tentative):

Sistah Vegan! Food, Health, Identity, and Society

1. Health (Mental and Physical) and Veganism (i.e. Resisting Legacies of Slavery on Our Bodies by Liberating the Colonized Palate)

2. Veganism as an Act to Dismantle Environmental Racism & Ecological Devastation

3. Implications of Veganism on Black Female Vegans' Concepts of Social Justice Activism (i.e. understanding connections of the colonial palate to, racism, sexism, speciesism, classism and/or systemic whiteness)

4. Body Issues/Weight Discrimination (i.e. Practicing veganism has meant that a majority of these women involved in this project have lost a considerable amount of weight and many have reflected on being "ridiculed" by their families for not having a "black booty" anymore.)

5. Religion/Spirituality and Veganism (I.E. Many women practice veganism for their religious beliefs; i.e. women talk about how they avoid performing animal sacrifice in traditional ceremonies in their religious and spiritual practice and what this means to them and their religious community).

6. Pregnancy/Parenting/Adoption and Veganism (i.e. The Politics of a Black vegan woman and her husband in Indiana, trying to adopt a baby living with HIV and being denied this because of their veganism).

7. Veganism and Womanism/Feminism