Arch Street Press New Novel: Scars, by A. Breeze Harper

Savannah Sales is nineteen years old and an African American, born and raised in a predominantly white working class New England rural town. She feels angry, invisible, powerless, and is struggling with her identity. She is, in denial of her lesbian sexuality, ashamed of her working class status, convinced that white racism is the only root of all her problems, and has a relationship with an ailing mother whose illness is a symptom of a mysterious past that Savannah is not privy to. 

Scars is about the journey of friends and family who love Savannah, and try to help her heal, while they too, battle their own wounds and scars of being part of multiple systems of oppression and power; from sexism, to classism, to American privilege, to homophobia, to economic imperialism.

Ultimately, Scars makes visible, the psychological trauma and scarring that colonialism, sexism, classism & heterosexism have caused to both the “colonizers” and the “colonized”...

...and the potential for healing and reconciliation for everyone willing to embark on the journey.

The book is titled Scars, because A. Breeze Harper has been heavily influenced by Frantz Fanon and his intense dedication to making visible, the psychological trauma and scarring that colonialism and racism have caused to both the "colonized and the colonizer".