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Assignments and Criteria

This page is designed to let students know what is expected of them for each assignment.




Each assignment will be completed and prepared for the following class, which is every Monday, unless otherwise stated. Assignments that require submission must be sent as an email to the instructor by clicking here. Late assignments lost 10% for each day it is late.



Essays should indicate that you thorougly read the articles and can give an articulated analysis of the material and how it relates to CCTV's Family Computer Literacy Program.

There should be clear organization, correct use of grammar and proper spelling.

You will either submit the essay as an email or be directed to a URL where you can type out your essay and submit it. This will depend on the directions given on each section of the syllabus.


Final Project

The final project should be professional enough to be considered as a 'possible' class to be added to the CCTV Community Programs schedule. You will be graded on creativity, grammar and spelling, and how well you understand teaching computer technology to adults. You will also hand in a 1-3 page essay that describes why you feel your proposed class is necessary for adult computer users to take.


Reading Assignments

You learn much from reading the assignments. Assignments are expected to be read by the start of each new class week. The new class week begins on the following Monday.