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Lesson One


  1. First please read articles and essays about Computer Literacy and Adult Education and similar training programs.
  1. Keeping a journal of your experiences, as a FCLP instructor.
    • When teaching the FCLP class, you should keep notes and thoughts in a journal. This will help the FCLP program become better. Write down things you did that worked out. Write and record things you did that didn't work so well. Speak of the challenges and frustrations you may have encountered and how you dealt with it.
    • Be as thorough and descriptive as possible. At the end of the FCLP program, you will have a meeting with the director of Community Programs to share your journal.
    • You may also need to prepare a Powerpoint presentation of your experience (present it to the staff of CCTV) and keeping a journal will help with this process.