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Lesson Nine

Email and Web Skills

After reading the assignments for this week, you should have a good understanding of how to teach online shopping, job seeking and privacy and internet safety.

Students don't necessarily have to learn how to sign up with a job search service or buy something on the web. However, you should use the class as an exhibition to show them what they could learn to do, perhaps, on their own once the 12 week class has ended. Get the students to tell you what they want to see see you shop for or look for in terms of a job. Also show them interesting features on job sites that will allow them to upload or create a resume and a cover letter.

Be sure that your students are constantly asking questions. If not, ASK them questions. You should be constantly engaging your students in this learning process.

Class 11

Class 11 is important because it's the second to last class. In this class, the instructor should review anything and everything that students have questions about. Also, it is a good idea to review things that students don't bring up. Because it's 11 weeks into the class, some students may have forgotten some Microsoft Word word processing skills. Be sure you cover this.

Once you have done a review session, and there's enough time, let the students do whatever they want on the computer. Consider it an open lab for students to experiment.

Class 12

The last class of the 12 week program. In this class, you'll be explaing to students what they're options are for other computer technology course offerings at CCTV. You'll simply go to the CCTV website and show them the different classes offered that may interest them.

The last class is simply an 'open lab', once students have filled out evaluation forms. Be sure to let students know that you're available, via email, if they ever have any questions about computer literacy skills they have learned.