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Class Two

Review the parts of the computer. Make sure you bring the adults from last week. There may be students who forgot to bring them or there may be new students in the class. Sometimes new students come during Class 2.

In preparation for this class:

  1. Create Mouse Dexterity exercises. For example have students double click on icons on the desktop in order to open them.
    1. Learning to use a Mouse with Windows
    2. Learning to use a Mouse
  2. Also have a handout for the descriptions and definition of what you will be covering on the FCLP syllabus for class 2.
  3. Pick up 12 blank disks from CCTV.

Getting Used to the Keyboard and Mouse

Explain the functions of the mouse. Thoroughly explain the mouse and it's importance as the 'steering wheel' to the computer.
  • right button
  • left button
  • mouse pad
  • double click
  • single click
  • Importance of being proficient with the mouse.

Explain what an application/program is

  • Use analogies.
  • Use Microsoft Word as an example

Explain what it means to 'open' an application

  • Show them how to do it.
  • Open and close Microsoft Word as practice.
  • Make sure students grasp this concept by going around the classroom with the instructor taking half the class and you taking the other half.

Typing in MS Word

  • Explain 'blank document'. Use analogies
  • Students often think the virtual page of a Microsoft 'blank document' is only ONE page. Explain that you can type on character or an entire 1000 pages book.
  • Explain the:
    • Space Bar
    • Shift Key
    • Enter Key
    • Backspace key
  • Have students practice typing on a new MS Word 'blank document'.

Saving Documents

You will need to explain why it's necessary to save documents. You will explain that students can save on their Hard Drive or on a disk. In this case, students will need to save their work on a floppy disk.

Storage box analogy

Explain that the disk is like a storage box. That there are many different size disks with all different type of storage limits. Just like a shoe box can hold a certain amount of pictures before it reaches capacity, same with a disk. A Rubbermaid tote locker is bigger than a shoe box and can hold more and is much more durable like a CD-RW disk.

Disk Maintenance

Explain how to properly maintain their disk.

  • Never touch the disk inside (shiny brown plastic)
  • Never write directly on it.
  • Keep it in a safe container or envelope
  • Never get food or water on it