Training Future CCTV Computer Literacy Instructors


Welcome and congratulations for embarking on a wonderful adventure that will prove meaningful to yourself and to your community. CCTV staff applaud you.


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Teaching can be a rewarding job, however, it can also be challenging and have it's frustrating moments. Below is a step-by-step process that will train you how to become a superb computer literacy instructor at CCTV.

This training will be an 'on-line' class. Therefore, it will adhere to the normal protocols of teaching a class. I have developed this learning process as a fusion of the following:

  • online syllabus
  • online assignments
  • links to relevant articles and or websites

Online Syllabus: Clicking on the Online Syllabus option from the left yellow panel square will be the first thing you will do, every time you enter this page. Why? Because the syllabus is updated on a daily basis, depending on how fast or slow the class is going.

Assignments and Criteria: This link will send you to the page with homework assignments, projects, or readings that are due for the next class. The criteria is a thorough explanation of what I will be looking for when I grade each specific assignment.

Links to Relevant Websites and Articles: Ineresting readings as well as related websites will be archived at this link.

Online Syllabus

Assignments and Criteria

Articles and websites

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Lesson Four

Lesson Five

Lesson Six

Lesson Seven

Lesson Eight

Lesson Nine